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Polcari’s Coffee

Anthony Polcari started Polcari’s Coffee in 1932. The coffee shop was a dream of his since he came over from Italy at the age of twenty. Working as a pocket-maker at a local tailor’s shop, Mr. Polcari saved up to open his own coffee store on Salem St. in 1932. Polcari’s Coffee was a family owned business. Mr. […]

Monica’s Mercato

Like many immigrant families, The Mendozas gather around the table to celebrate and share the events of the day with their loved ones over delicious family recipes. Since 1995 the Mendoza brothers have shared the recipes, and the traditions they hold dear, with their friends and neighbors. With meticulous care, the brothers shop from local […]

Salumeria Italiana

Salumeria Italiana is the home of the finest foods from Italy and all of the Mediterranean. Our store opened almost 50 years ago in Boston’s North End because an Italian mother wanted to feed her baby son the wonderful foods she knew from her homeland. That baby was Gaetano Martignetti, the owner and son of […]

Maria’s Pastry Shop

Three generations of the Merola Family (from left to right) Maria and daughters Marilena & Marina with Maria’s sister Enza, surrounding grandmother Filomina Family-run and operated since 1982, 
Maria’s Pastry Shop is the place for homemade, authentic Italian pastries, cookies, cakes, breads, candies and confections. From award-winning “Boston’s Best Cannoli” to their cream-filled Aragosta (“lobster […]

Terramia Ristorante

Mario Nocera and Joseph Tinnirello Legacy at Terramia Carla Gomes Agripino  opend Terramia Ristorante in 1993 with executive chef and Salerno native Mario Nocera. Terramia transformed old world classics into new world masterpieces. At Terramia, Nocera strived to preserve the authenticity and simplicity reminiscent of his Salerno roots while at the same time creating fresh, […]

Parziale’s Bakery

The Parziales have been baking bread in Boston since 1907, when Giuseppe “Joe” Parziale came from Italy with his wife Anna and opened a small bakery on Charter Street. Many things in the neighborhood have changed since then, including the bakery’s address — which is now 80 Prince Street — but the Parziale family still […]

Antico Forno

Boston has countless restaurants throughout town featuring everyone’s favorite treat, pizza. But the best pizza spots in Boston use brick ovens since they create the best quality pies you could ask for. By using these ovens, they are able to heat the pizzas in just minutes to high temperatures. You get evenly-cooked, browned, thin-crisp crust […]