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Modern Pastry

Longtime destination for Italian & American baked sweets like cakes, pies & biscotti. Bakeries: Modern is a fabulous, family-owned Italian bakery that is filled with delicious sweets and treats just waiting to be consumed. Modern gives North End competitors a run for their money with the filled to order favorites-cannolis. Enjoy other Italian specialty baked […]

Maria’s Pastry Shop

Three generations of the Merola Family (from left to right) Maria and daughters Marilena & Marina with Maria’s sister Enza, surrounding grandmother Filomina Family-run and operated since 1982, 
Maria’s Pastry Shop is the place for homemade, authentic Italian pastries, cookies, cakes, breads, candies and confections. From award-winning “Boston’s Best Cannoli” to their cream-filled Aragosta (“lobster […]

Bova’s Bakery

Family-owned and operated since 1926, Bova’s Bakery is the premier bakery of Boston’s North End. For over eighty years Bova’s Bakery has been committed to baking authentic homemade items daily with only the healthiest ingredients. Offering a wide variety of Italian specialty cookies, cannolis, pastries and pies, and fresh warm Italian bread, the Bova family […]

Mike’s Pastry

On any given weekend — even on a cold Boston day — you can walk down heavily populated Hanover Street in the historic North End neighborhood and find a long line of people. Stretching past some of the oldest, most beautiful and most authentic Italian restaurants in the United States, the line is filled with […]