Mike’s Pastry

orth End Boston FOOD TOUR - Experience Italy in one of Boston’s oldest neighborhoods the North End – Little Italy.

On any given weekend — even on a cold Boston day — you can walk down heavily populated Hanover Street in the historic North End neighborhood and find a long line of people. Stretching past some of the oldest, most beautiful and most authentic Italian restaurants in the United States, the line is filled with hungry locals and visitors in search of one simple thing: a world-famous dessert at Mike’s Pastry.

Mike’s Pastry, founded by lifelong North End resident Michael Mercogliano, has a reputation as the spot for dessert in Boston. And the shop’s sweet treats live up to the hype. From tourists to students to locals who have resided in Boston’s North End for generations, everyone seems to know, love and respect Mike’s Pastry in Boston. At a no-frills establishment like Mike’s, the buzz begins and ends with the most important aspect of the business: the food.

Mike’s Pastry offers a variety of classic Italian sweets. The shop’s list of fresh, homemade specialties includes classics like biscotti, gelati and marzipan. Pushing beyond the North End standards, the shop serves an array of delicious cookies, cakes, pies and more, all baked using fresh ingredients.

Mike’s Pastry is an urban novelty for the North End neighborhood and the greater city of Boston. The shop’s signature blue and white boxes make regular appearances in the hands of pedestrians and commuters on the city’s T public transit system.

For those who are looking for an authentic taste of the city, head over Hanover Street, stand in line and get your own blue and white box. After you’re finished devouring whatever sweet goods you’ve chosen, you’ll understand why Mike’s Pastry a North End institution, even after all these years.

Mike’s Pastry North End
300 Hanover Street
Boston, MA 02113

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