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Get To Know North End, Boston

Our North End Boston Food Tour is a leisurely-paced daily walking food tour. Get to know the North End with a lifelong resident Bobby Agrippino. The truly authentic experience combines the North End of Boston’s Little Italy’s culture, history, and personal stories, with Boston’s best Italian foods. Explore the back streets of this 0.3 square mile neighborhood and meet the shopkeepers Bobby grew up with. Learn all the personal stories of each of the mom-pop businesses. Join us as we eat, see, and learn our way through this unique neighborhood, which was settled by Italian immigrants in the late 1800s. What sets this tour apart from all the others? Bobby is a real local who grew up and still lives in the neighborhood, and we eat large portions of delicious Italian foods. COME HUNGRY!

North End Boston Food Tour tour guide in a meatery

The Experience

The North End Boston Food Tour explores the heart of Boston’s Little Italy and introduces the charm and allure of the rich history, vibrant culture, and tantalizing aromas that define this neighborhood.
This tour shares stories of its immigrant past, cultural evolution, and the role it played in shaping Boston’s identity. Learn about the festivals, events, and traditions that contribute to its lively atmosphere. We will capture the essence of community celebrations and the warmth that permeates the area and unveil lesser-known gems within Little Italy – charming alleyways, art installations, or tucked-away spots that offer a more intimate experience. We will venture off the beaten path to the mom and pop shops that are still a big part of this neighborhood and we will provide practical advice for those planning a visit to the North End’s Little Italy, including the best times to explore, recommended dishes to try, and any upcoming events. Secure your spots early for future tours we are always selling out and have limited availability most days. I’m the owner Bobby Agrippino and a lifelong resident and I conduct all of my tours 7 days a week. Or if you have any suggestions of another section of the website I would be open to it.

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When you choose North End Boston Food Tour, you are choosing the opportunity to expand your knowledge and experience of North End, Boston. With the guidance of Robert Agrippino, you will travel along the cobblestone streets of the Boston, MA neighborhood. This immersive experience will leave your belly full, and your mind stocked with cultural and historical information. Who says you need a passport to experience Italy? North End, famously known as Little Italy of Boston, is waiting for you. You will see historical sites like the Old North Church and the Paul Revere Statue. If you are looking for the best way to spend an afternoon, meet us at the Tony DeMarco Statue on the corner of Hanover and Cross Street, Boston, MA. You won’t regret it. Contact our team today to book a tour with us.

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